UAV / Drones

UAV - Drones

The use of the aerial photogrammetry with Drones or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) allows us to obtain 3D models for larger extensions than the laser scanner is able to cover.

Currently, with the arrival of the UAV's the commercial possibilities for digital photogrammetry have exponentially grown thanks to a drastic cost reduction due to the possibility to transport cameras on these airplanes. If we add the development of new compact, lightweight and powerful cameras and an increasingly advanced software to this, the photogrammetry with UAV's becomes into a very attractive option to consider when large photogrammetric surveys are needed. 


Lightness, compactness and manual launching

Thanks to the manual launching and its wing-body structure, the Radius is very easy to use. Only 5 minutes are needed for its preparation and it is fitted with an advanced and innovative design.



Navigation system and PPK positioning

Overcoming its previous model, the Radius X has an unrefuelled range up to 90 minutes and it is even more compact due to the possibility to disassemble the wings of the equipment.


VERSATILITY: LiDAR and photogrammetric drone

The SuperFox6 is a fully automated multicopter able to cover up to 150 hectares extensions producing ortophotos, point clouds and MNT/MNS as results.