Laser Escaner 3D

The most efficient method for 3D measurement and documentation

Laser scanner technology is distinguished by the massive, continuous and fast data collection process combining with the ability to reflect the reality in detail and without the need of the attendace of any operator into the physical point that we are looking to represent.

These characteristics make the metodology very suitable for geometrically irregular and hardly accessible proyects or even for the ocasions in which the objective is a high speed data collection due to production or hazardous aspects. This massive data collection will allow to know the x, y, z coordinates from a relevant point cloud (containing tens of millions of points) that as a whole form a three-dimensional representation of the represented element.

FARO 3D X130  

Reliability, flexibility and data visualization in real time

With its up to 130 meters scope, level sensor, ease of use and automatic recording of the data with no aditional costs, we will save up to 50% in scanning and processing time in comparison with other conventional laser scanners.
conventional laser scanners.

FARO 3D X330

Functionality, performance and quality

With almost three times the scope of the previous equipments, the Focus 3D X330 is able to scan objects up to a range of 330 meters and exposed to direct sunlight.


FARO 3D S150

Speed, simplicity and extreme accuracy  

The Focus    150 has the ability to capture environments with a higher accuracy in relation to the distance, thanks to its double axis compesation system and angle measurement. This laser scanner allows the measurement of complex objects and buildings in a quick, easy and extremely accurate way.

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Focus S150
Focus S350

FARO 3D S350

Ultra-light and suitable for outdoor aplications 

The Focus S   350 series from FARO is specially designed for exterior spaces due its small size, ultra-light weight and the expanded scanning range.

It makes easier to scan complex environments, small workspaces and dusty or wet areas, as well as it enables rainy applications or in broad daylight.

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Perfect for shorter range applications

The Focus M  70 laser scanner captures data in a range up to 70, making it the most suitable equipment for small sized indoor surfaces' measurements and applications.

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Focus M70
Focus S70


Maximum precision in short ranges

The Faro Focus has a IP clasification of 54 with allows its use withstanding wet climates and dust. Besides the laser scanner is able to take HDR pictures and has an extended range of temperature.

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